Monday, November 3, 2008

lukisan hujan

no, gw nggak pernah baca buku ini so gw nggak ngerti maksud dari lukisan hujan apa, nor do I want to play smart-ass and try to intepret it.

Ini hanya sebuah istilah--or rather, a phrase--yang melintas di kepala gw baru saja. Hujan di luar.

I don't know, everytime it's raining I always think of him. I loooove rainy days, and as matter of fact, I rarely have an umbrella with me. ;)
Not that I plan to get wet, but... rain is harmless. I don't mind getting a bit wet, or catch a cold afterwards.

The sensation I feel when it's raining is almost similar to facing him. Truth is, I feel a lot closer to everything when it's raining. It feels like every problems in the world are washed away by something pure and undisturbed. Every noises are immersed into a very soothing static. The weather is cold, but not biting. It's dark but not gloomy.
I always hate it when someone said "there's always rainbow after the rain" as if trying to say that a rainbow is better than rainfall. Hell, a rainbow is just an optical illusion, made by God as a reference for us to tell colors. Don't get me wrong, I love colors, but I'm not a true believer of rainbows.

imagine :
watch the end of this commercial and you'll see what I mean.