Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leaving Pandora.



as I stroll through the last days of term break, I'm beginning to feel the bittersweet sensation. of parting from the boring days i've had, and of greeting new days; scary and chaotic. i guess.. what i really feel is.. dissatisfaction. disappointment. oh well.

wash me clean, will anyone? from distant memories of fantasies, of possibilities. as reality begins to show its new dawn, my dreams falter into dusk.

i'm keeping them in a tiny little box. where they don't matter anymore. where all they can do is slumber. until one day, maybe one day, i'll come and open the box, walk the walk through the flame again.

my visa in Pandora has expired. i'm taking an Ikran out of here. and i'm okay. i will be, at least. ;)

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

the sky that afternoon was so lovely I decided to get out on the street bare feet just to get a shot at it.

Nightmares and dreamscapes.
What do they even mean? Are they fragments of yourself, trying to get out? Or divine interventions?
What does it mean, when you dream about something so often you forgot to keep count? Does it mean that you want something so much that it affects your subconscious? Or was it just a fragment of the things you think about right before you go to sleep?
Dreams and dreams themselves are reminders.
Of what you've forgotten.
Of your wants and needs.
Of the things you want to forget.

Of the things you've missed, and the things you're missing.
Of something.. slightly out of reach.